Monday, June 24, 2013

Our Weekend

Hooray for the first weekend of summer! This weekend was the first when I actually felt hot, even in the evening. This Florida girl is pretty happy... my Russian husband is, well, hot.

// Since the first day of summer was nice enough to fall on a Friday this year, Taras and I decided to celebrate the occasion. He met me in Boston after work and we grabbed some shawarma from our favorite little spot in Central Square and went over to eat in the City Hall lawn with all the other Cantabrigians. Just like old times! Then we decided, hey, let's go visit our old Whole Foods! It's a tiny Whole Foods that was two blocks from our apartment and we just miss it so much. I realize it's a little silly but Whole Foods is our place, what can I say? //

// Over the course of the weekend we hit up nearly every antique, thrift, and consignment store on US 1 between Hampton, NH and Ogunquit, ME. We're on a hunt for furniture and of course I have very specific ideas but not much patience... so, yeah. Still no furniture in our house and an Ikea run is looking very likely. //

// Since we were in Ogunquit anyway, we made sure to spend a little time over at the ocean. //

// We drive by this farm stand all the time. Each time we pass by, Taras says he wants to go in, but then they're either closed or I'm not interested (I'm all: it looks like the only sell plants. We don't need any plants.) But this weekend they were open and I was game - we went in and found their farm's fresh strawberries and meats and other fun things. I'm excited to see what they fill the stand up with as the summer goes on! //

// Summer meals and snacks are the best. //

// We started our container garden this weekend! We'll see how it goes... //

// And because a weekend isn't a weekend unless we've had Mexican food, we made sure to eat some. For any Portsmouth locals out there: we tried out Vida - we had heard mixed reviews on it but we loved it! We're excited to check it out again to see if it seems consistent, but, yay, for a new Mexican joint!

How was your weekend?

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