Thursday, June 13, 2013

A New Home

I am unbelievably excited to move this weekend! We haven't had a real space of our own for over a year now, since we left Cambridge and took off on the road trip. When we returned home from the trip, we upgraded from living out of our car (well, campgrounds and hotel rooms) to living with Taras's parents, but it still hasn't been quite the same as having our own space.

I can't wait to unpack my own dishes and to decorate the new space... although, we've decided to take it slow with decorating. We want to buy pieces that will hopefully be useful in the home we will eventually buy, so it will take some time to stake out the right furniture. I'm also hoping to give antiquing and thrifting a go this time around! So, basically, don't be surprised if you come over and find our mattress sitting on the floor or no couch in the living room.

Anyway, I've been thinking of things I want to be sure to take advantage of in our new space. It will be the most square footage Taras and I have ever shared together, which means there is space to do things. And, for the first time in our married lives, we'll have a YARD! We're moving up, friends.

Some things I'm looking forward to doing at home as summer approaches:

Grilling out and enjoying alfresco dinners. We've already decided that a grill will be our first purchase! (photo source: Crate and Barrel)

Growing some potted herbs and veggies. I have a black thumb that I'm hoping to overcome. (Photo source: Martha Stewart)

Pickling some of those veggies. We've both been dying to do our own pickling and I've decided that this will be the year! (Photo source: Kitchenette)

Making some popsicles... another thing I've been wanting to do forever but have yet to get around to. You can see my obsession over on Pinterest. (Photo source: The Little Epicurean)

Attempting to do some of the DIY projects I've been bookmarking. Again, you can see my obsession over on Pinterest. (Photo source: confettipop)

What are some of your favorite things to do at home during the warmer months?

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