Friday, May 24, 2013


Have you guys ever heard of the artist Wyland?

There's a giant whale mural in downtown Portsmouth that was painted by Wyland, a marine life artist who set out to paint 100 life-sized murals to help raise awareness about marine life conservation. He started this project in the 1980's and finished his 100th mural in 2008.

While we were on our road trip last summer, we came across a few of his murals. Every time we saw one, it was such a nice reminder of home.

Anyway, I was reminded of Wyland when I put together today's post on our travel blog, and I thought it'd be fun to hear if any of you have ever come across Wyland's work - have you?

This wikipedia page lists all the Whaling Walls, so give it a look and see if there's one near you!

Top photo by me, all others from the Wyland Foundation.

Mural locations (top to bottom): Newport, OR; Florida Keys; Taiji, Japan; Atlanta, GA; Sarasota, FL; South Padre Island, TX; San Francisco, CA; Hollywood, CA; Chicago, IL; Portsmouth, NH


  1. It kills me how Portsmouth has let the Whale Wall fall into such disrepair. It disappoints me to be one of only 100 cities with such a huge gift, and a city that has such an integral relationship with the sea, and to just let it fall to disrepair while re-bricking sidewalks for tourists.

    Thank you for sharing all those other beautiful walls! It must have been such a fun reminder of home to see them across the country.

    1. I feel the same way, I can't believe how the wall looks now. On the wiki page it lists the status of each wall, and for the Portsmouth one it says "Wall deteriorating, paint peeling. Robert Bendetson of Cabot House Furniture refuses to allow restoration." How sad!


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