Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Our Weekend...

Our weekend happenings through iPhone pictures (a little delayed!).

We took off to NYC for the weekend. My brother lives in the city so we try to make the trip somewhat regularly to get some face time in with him. We found ourselves with a free weekend after we decided to cancel our big combined birthday party, and NYC felt like the perfect place to do a little birthday celebrating on our own. It was a quick trip and a drizzly weekend, but it was absolutely perfect, as weekends in NYC tend to be. We did what we always do when we visit - we ate a lot and we walked a lot...

We got into town and went straight to Tartine in the West Village. The restaurant is byob, cash only, and you stand in line to wait for a table to open up. I love that it has this sort of old school appeal. We decided to wait the 20 extra minutes for a table outside, because eating dinner outside at 9:30 pm without shivering to death was a real treat! It was the perfect way to ease into the vibe of the city - sitting there and watching everyone pass by. 

Shake Shack! Okay, so, I've heard so much buzz about this place and we finally had a chance to try it out. The beef is all-natural, the fries are the old-fashioned crinkle style, and the peanut butter shake is to die for. And the company really cares about our environment. So good, you guys. 

We hung around Madison Square Park and checked out the art exhibit they have going on right now. It was amazing to see how much painted rope was used in the exhibit!

We came across a whole street of these old style cabs and soon realized they were getting set up for a movie filming. A lot of blocks in the area were being closed off for the next day's filming, and it was a treat to see the beginnings of the set up... so very New York.

We finally made it to Chelsea Market (and on our way over, we found a street market with art and food vendors set up). I really can't believe we hadn't been before! There are some great eateries and shops in there. And an Anthropologie. :)

Saturday night we went to visit my brother for dinner - he's a sous chef at Millesime and he spoils us every single time we eat there. We had course after course of amazing seafood (only a few things are pictured here... and sorry for the bad pictures! I try not to use a camera flash inside restaurants.), then he topped off our meal with this dessert sampler (complete with a birthday candle for each of us!). And because we've been asked a few times what the desserts were (from left to right, using my best memory and probably still not calling them the right things): tres leches with strawberries, milk and cereal ice cream, chocolate brownie (but not actually a brownie?) with raspberry ice cream, pear sorbet, and a cake made from layered green tea-flavored crepes. I hate that these pictures are so bad because everything looked so beautiful when it came out to us!

We were walking by this station just as the fire fighters were putting on their gear and jumping into the truck. Taras asked to stand there and watch, so I indulged him. Boys. :)

Other happenings not pictured: late night drinks and chats with my bro (I really loved grabbing a glass of wine at Vanguard) (and I always love walking into a place with my bro - he has his favorite spots where everyone knows him!) and hours of backed up traffic on the way back home, yay. 

And to all of you in Oklahoma - our hearts are with you. 


  1. I just stumbled upon your blog and love it! Your trip to NYC sounds awesome. My sister used to live there, and I loved being able to go and visit with someone who can show me all the cool hidden gems of the city. Hope you're having a great day!

    1. Hey Kari - thanks for stopping by! Isn't it the best to visit someone in nyc and let them show you all their favorite spots?!

  2. Wow, looks like such a a great time! I don't get to go up to NYC nearly enough (even though it's so close) but I really would love to before it gets insanely hot out!



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