Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Monday in the City

As Nemo was passing through, Taras and I couldn't help but think about how much fun we always had during snowstorms when we lived in Cambridge. Seemingly the whole neighborhood packs inside the few restaurants and bars that stayed open through the bad weather - everyone bonds over the obstacle course they walked through to make it to said restaurant (walking in the middle of the streets and navigating the huge snow banks) and the sense of community is palpable. Plus, we lived in an apartment and had no car, which meant we were free to enjoy the snow without the worry of shoveling ourselves out!

Last night we got a little taste of that fun. Before the storm even happened, we made reservations to have dinner at Bondir in Cambridge to celebrate Taras's new job (and as an early Valentine's Day dinner). The restaurant is inside an intimate, but well lit, farm-house style space. The chef, James Bond, changes the menu each day. Their website sums it up best: "Our offerings-vegetables picked the same day, fish hours out of the ocean, pasture-raised meats-will change daily..." The best part is that all dishes are offered as a half or full order, making it easy to try more dishes with each visit. From last night's menu we had the roasted pumpkin, durum flower spaghetti (pictured), roasted duck breast and confit leg, and beef sirloin (pictured). Everything was spot on, and it was the perfect celebratory meal.

We even squeezed in a pre-dinner cocktail at The Blue Room and got in our share of navigating the giant snow banks and deep sidewalk puddles... there's nothing quite like wearing your bulky rain boots to a nice dinner. :)

Sorry for the iPhone photos!

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