Thursday, February 5, 2015

Pictures of Life Lately

You know, one of the funniest things about keeping up a blog is that once you don't write for a while, it seems to be that much harder to get back into the swing of things. Here's hoping I can start to write more frequently. After all, baby Caleb is finally sleeping through the night (!!!) - I suppose it's time for me to give up my midday siestas, yes?


For those of you who follow me on Instagram, most of this will be old news. But for the rest of you, here's a look at what's been happening in these parts!

This was on New Years Day. We rang in the New Year with a giant leak in our kitchen. We are still working to fix the damage caused by it. Yay, home ownership!

It's been satisfying to study the house. To learn what time of the day the sun shines into which room. To watch the shadows that form on the walls (Caleb's favorite). To get used to how the radiator sounds throughout the house. To find all the creaky parts in the floor. To know how the garage door sounds when it opens at the end of the day when Taras gets home. There are definitely some frustrating things we've had to deal with since moving in, but all this stuff - learning all the sounds of the house - it's the fun stuff that makes it all worth it.

Before the winter weather turned crazy-town, Caleb and I were taking full advantage of living downtown. Stroller and carrier walks galore.

Ikea! And we've quickly learned that house projects take forrrrever with a little baby hanging around.

Just teaching my boy about accounting.

Deer! There were four deer the other week, just chilling in this liiiittle patch of woods behind our house. (Only one is pictured here, just so you don't go crazy trying to find all four.) We watched them for a long time as they ate anything they could find. It was the coolest. And very relaxing.

Caleb turned six months old! A whole half-year! I wrote a little blurb over on instagram about what he's up to at six months. According to the updates on this blog, however, baby boy is working on month number four. Ha! I have months four - six written up on my phone and I will get them over here with all the baby pictures you can imagine!

Picture by Tatiana Garanina (more photos here and here). We celebrated seven years of marriage. That is just crazy town, I can hardly believe it. And while I'd love to tell of an awesome way we marked the occasion, instead, we mostly skipped it this year. We talked about doing a weekend away, with baby in tow. Then, new house projects seemed more relevant. Instead, we tried for an afternoon escape for food + drinks but baby Caleb freaked out at home without us and we came back home. Such is this season of life!

Snow days and more snow days. Lots of cozy time at home and lots of snuggles. It's always fun and games until your husband has to shovel a tunnel through the snow to get out your front door.

January was the month of having friends over for weekend breakfasts and brunches. Caleb is at his best and most predictable in those morning and early afternoon hours. Plus, breakfast seems much easier to whip together than dinner these days. And, listen, Portsmouth: where is our specialty donut shop, is what I'd like to know? I think it's time for our little town to get with the program. In the meantime, hooray for Boston visitors who bring donuts!

We are great parents, I promise.

Yay, Patriots! Listen, we're not the most dedicated fans. Fans, yes, but we definitely don't watch every game. And our friends who are more dedicated fans are to thank for any of Caleb's Patriots gear. Still, the Patriots are the only football team we cheer for and it was so fun (and stressful!) for them to win the Super Bowl.

That about catches us up on things. You can always find more frequent updates on Instagram or Facebook. I hope to be back here very soon!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas Around Here

This is a long one, folks. That's what happens when you don't blog all through the Christmas season.

Let's talk about our tree. We had dreams of going to cut down our own tree on a snowy afternoon but, alas, no snow (um, yay!) and no time. So, instead, we ended up with a free tree from a shopping center parking lot. Free tree: I'll call that a win for Team Procrastinate.

The Sunday before Christmas we drove into Cambridge to do our "family" holiday dinner with the Boston crew. We hit up Alden & Harlow and together we took down a large part of the (very delicious) menu. Afterward, Taras and I grabbed cupcakes for the babysitting grandmas and coffees to go for ourselves from Crema Cafe (one of our favorites). Side note: bringing home dessert to the grandparents has become almost a tradition at this point. This time, however, it was more of a peace-offering + apology for what ended up being an intense night of "feed the baby the bottle." One grandma even had to call in reinforcement from the other grandma. So, yeah.

Caleb met Santa! And The Senator SMILED. Taras can take complete credit for this picture - he worked hard to get that little man to look in the right direction + smile at the same time (no small feat!).

The best Christmas card helper around.

We went to Christmas Eve service at our church and it was amazing. Seriously, everyone needs to come with us next year! We had to wait around for the second experience because the first one was packed to the brim. So Caleb played behind the wheel while we waited. And then he fell asleep and, courtesy of his snazzy headphones, stayed asleep through the awesome drum session. After church, we picked up my brother from the bus station, grabbed some Chinese takeout, put Caleb to bed, then us adults drank beer and decorated the Christmas tree with mis-matched lights and old ornaments from our childhood.

My parents joined us at our (new!) house the next morning. My momma showed Caleb the tree - it wasn't even in the room when he went to bed the night before. We opened gifts together and, seriously, having kids makes this part so fun! My mom wrapped Caleb's gifts in tissue paper, so he could easily open his packages - he did so good, and even let me put reindeer antlers on him. :) And I pinched myself a couple times (figuratively) because I couldn't believe we were able to move in and unpack (or hide...) boxes in time to have Christmas in our home. It's crazy to think that at this time last year we were just sharing news of my pregnancy with our families - and now we have a five month old!

My mom and brother cooked us an amazing Christmas lunch. I set the table (it's my favorite part). And Caleb woke up from his nap just in time for lunch, so we rewarded him with his first taste of real food: sweet potato. We're not *really* starting solids yet, but that boy loves watching us eat and it was a holiday, so a few licks of sweet potato seemed like a good gift for him. He seemed confused about the texture and sensation of it all, but I think he liked it!

Post-lunch naps and playtime.

Cookie monster!

Later that afternoon, the rest of the family came over for dessert (thanks for doing all the baking, mom!), snacks, and drinks. We are so thankful to have spent Christmas with the whole family, and in our home. Also, I wanna give a shout-out to the Christmas Fireplace on Hulu - we put it on the TV and it made the house super cozy.

The next day was super chill. Uncle Scott got in some more hang-out time with Caleb before his bus back to NYC. And, Scott, next time you see Caleb he'll be expecting some gourmet baby food. :)

Then Taras and I went for a walk around our new neighborhood and into downtown. I'm so, so happy we can walk to places again. And the weather we had this Christmas? It was the glowing star on top of the Christmas tree for this Florida girl.

If you made it this far, hooray + thanks for reading! We hope you are all having the best holiday season. We're feeling all the warm and fuzzies over here, for sure.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

We Moved!

Homeowners! Caleb is super excited. 

Hello, hello!

It's been a little hectic in these parts lately, with travelling, the holidays, and - the biggest news - we found our (hopefully forever!) home!

We've been looking to buy a house for a while now, and as it became late Fall, we were sure it'd be next Spring or Summer before any new homes came along. But, sure enough, a house we'd been eyeing dropped in price and we decided IT'S THE ONE.

Poppin' bottles of champagne

We're thrilled with the neighborhood of the house and that we can now walk into downtown - this was a "must have" for us because we've missed being able to walk to places like we could in Cambridge. We also have a decent-sized yard for the area and - Taras's favorite - a two car garage. As house buying goes, it's not perfect. There are a lot of projects on the to-do list and some "would be nice" items that we've decided to live without (more curb appeal, for one). But, all-in-all, we couldn't be happier.

First night + first family selfie in our new home. It took Caleb a little time to adjust to the new house but I think he's finally comfortable here - hooray! Now, to get our sleep schedules back in order...

The original plan was to move in slowly, since we still have our rental house. But after a quick move of a few ready-to-go boxes, the guys in our family decided to just go for it and moved almost all our furniture in one afternoon. The move was unplanned, and the aftermath of the impromptu move left this organizer and planner a little overwhelmed at times - we have our things in two places and most everything was out of order. But being able to live in our new home so soon, and being able to celebrate Caleb's first Christmas in our new home, was totally worth all the chaos! We're so happy to be HOME.

The best helper

And a HUGE thank you to our families for all their heavy-lifting, baby-watching, packing, and unpacking.

Friday, December 5, 2014

City Walking

Last Saturday, sort of at the last minute, we decided to drive into Boston for the afternoon. I'd say the trip was to show Caleb the big Christmas tree, but it was more likely to satisfy our hankering for Ramen. And here-goes lots of photos of us pushing a stroller. :)

We started out walking around downtown and chose to show Caleb the tree at Faneuil Hall - while it's not the city's official tree that makes its home in the Boston Common, it is the bigger of the two trees (and the tree that I'd look down on from my old office building - it was always fun to see them set up the tree and decorate it!).

We strolled past the usual downtown suspects - all around Faneuil Hall, past my old office building ("Caleb, mama used to work way up there on the 38th floor!") and the Old State House, then over to Downtown Crossing to check out the post-Black Friday sales at H&M.

By this time, Caleb fell asleep so we continued walking over to Boston Common. While Caleb snoozed, we enjoyed the beautiful late-November weather and the lack of snow on the ground (we left a very snow-covered New Hampshire earlier that morning). Over at the Frog Pond, we watched the little kiddos skate around the ice rink and took an obligatory photo with C-man and one of the giant frogs, taking a mental note of how fun these adventures will be when he's older (but we're definitely not wishing for time to speed up!).

Once Caleb woke up, we loaded back into the car and headed off for the main event: RAMEN! Wintertime just begs for delicious noodle soup, right? There's a new outpost of Sapporo Ramen in the food court of the new Central Square H-Mart, and while the ramen wasn't quite as magical as the bowl we last had at Sapporo's Porter Square location, it definitely filled our ramen needs (with a much shorter line).

Until next time, Boston!

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